Study Programme

Courses available

South Holderness Sixth Form offers a wide range of study programmes that best meet the individual needs of our students. Students can choose from a traditional A-level route, BTEC Nationals, an A-level access course or even Foundation Level subjects (dependent upon external provision).

Academic programme

A large percentage of our students opt to follow our A-level programme and will pick four A-level subjects. In any given year around 80% to 90% of our students progress into university or higher education, therefore, we provide an academic programme that supports those students in achieving success.

As competition for places in university remains high, we endeavour to offer as many opportunities and as much support to meet your ambitions and broaden your horizons. As well as links with Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and other top universities, we can offer degree specific support for students applying for medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, engineering, teaching, and so on.

Furthermore, we support students in achieving additional qualifications such as the AQA Baccalaureate, the Extended Project Qualification and further enrichment qualifications. We can also support students who need to take university entrance exams. Being a relatively small institution we can always support any additional requests that students often have.

High achievers AQA Baccalaureate Programme

The AQA Baccalaureate identifies well-rounded students who can show a depth and breadth of study, independent learning and personal development through enrichment. As our sixth form programme already covers all of these areas, many of our high-performing students can access an additional qualification.

Holding the AQA Baccalaureate clearly demonstrates to universities and employers that you have the skills and personal qualities that they are looking for. The award recognises the achievements of students who have studied in depth across main study programmes. As an individual, you will benefit by extending your education beyond basic academic study and enjoy a high quality and rigorous learning experience that is appreciated by all.

Vocational programme

Vocational courses are more closely related to the world of work, but there will still be plenty of study-based learning; the amount varies according to the course taken. Vocational courses offer a more practical approach to your studies. Because Vocational programmes are practical in nature, with hands-on experience, you will be in a strong position to move straight into employment.

However, you can still go to university from many Vocational programmes. Level 3 BTEC Extended Diplomas are equivalent to 3 A Levels, however, to best support you and provide you with the breadth of study that is necessary for success, we offer single A-level equivalent courses that allow you to build a more engaging and interesting timetable. Assessment can include practical assessments, coursework, portfolio work and exams.

Enrichment courses

We use a range of courses to compliment your programme of study and support your applications to university on competitive degrees. Currently we offer Film Studies, Creative Writing, General Studies and World Development, but these options will regularly change to best meet your needs and ambitions.