Pastoral Info

We are pleased that so many Year 6 pupils wish to join us from their primary schools. All admissions to the College are dealt with by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Local Authority's Pupil & Parent Services Department.

The Admissions Process

The Local Authority issue Preference Forms for Year 6 pupils attending the primary schools within the East Riding area. Parents are required to complete the form and send it back to the primary school, showing clearly the choice of secondary school.

Once all the forms have been collected the places are then allocated. Of course there are rules to be applied! Those families living within what used to be "the catchment area" are given places first, and then other criteria are applied until all places are full. The College's admission limit currently stands at 330 per year, although should there be places left once the criteria have been applied then the Education Authority will consider other applications, again based on set criteria.

Finally there is an appeals procedure

If an older student wishes to join the College then applications must also be made through the LA.

More information on admissions procedures can be obtained by contacting:

Pupil & Parents Services, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley. Tel - (01482) 392111