BTEC First Business Level 2


BTEC Business (Level 2) is a vocational course that is assessed in two ways. Firstly the work produced in lessons forms a portfolio of evidence

(coursework) that is assessed by SHTC staff. There is also an on-line test assessed by. Students will work towards completing coursework in every lesson, and as such, every lesson counts towards their final grade. This course requires considerable hard work, as assessment is constant and on-going throughout. Students are also required to work on their portfolio for at least 2 hours per week in their own time.

Course Outline

e.g. This is a two year Level 2 course which consists of 4 units


The three pieces of portfolio evidence (Coursework) count for 75% of the final grade. The on-line test (Examination) counts for the remaining 25%. The on-line test will be a single one-hour on-line test that students complete under examination conditions. The topic of the on-line test is “Business Finance.” Students are permitted to re-sit the examination, but there may be a charge for this. This examination is “on-demand,” meaning that students sit it when they are ready rather than a pre-set date from the exam board. Students are encouraged to purchase a revision guide for this examination, costing approximately £5. Students who do not pass the on-line test MUST achieve a “Distinction” grade in their Unit 1 coursework to pass the course.

Examining Board


Special Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course, but students to need to be of at least average ability in literacy and Numeracy. It is strongly recommended that they are at least a Level 5 in Maths.

Career Opportunities

Students who study Business can, of course, use this to start their own business in any chosen filed. Students do often continue with the subject at Level 3, studying A level of BTEC Business courses, which also leads to careers in Accountants, Fashion Designers, Marketing executives, Solicitors, Lawyers, Economists, Bank Managers, Finance executives and Human resource managers.

Teaching Methods

Each fortnight you will be timetabled for five periods of 60 minutes each. The majority of your lessons take place in our ICT suite (Room 51). During these lessons you will be given tasks to complete on the computer which collectively form your coursework. In Business Studies there is a need for regular learning and independent study. Guidance will be given on how to prepare for lessons and consolidate you own learning so that you can have the best chance of success. You are expected to read around the subject in your own time using websites, newspapers, TV news channels and other appropriate forms of Media.

How is the course graded


How to succeed in GCSE Art

Successful students need be imaginative, creative and positive. Students must be organised and prepared to work hard in their own time. Patience and peristence are key virtues, as is the ability to take criticism positively. Successful students need to be open, expressive and committed.

Skill Requirements

GCSE students are encouraged to work over an extended period of time on the development of their projects. This process is broken down into easily understood targets by the Art teacher and requires a mature and independent approach from the student in order to be successful.

Students should always have a set of personal targets to complete – these targets are likely to be detailed on the student’s Progress Log and found on the task lists in their sketchbook.

How can you help?

Ask your son/daughter about their artwork and their ideas. Take them to galleries and to places where they can gather photographs for their work. Provide them with materials and tools, and try to sort out a space in the house for them to study. Finally, ask to see their Progress Logs – it’s all there!

Extra-curricular Support

The Art Department opens its doors daily to students to come and work at break, lunchtime and after school on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We regularly arrange Saturday Workshops, sometimes inviting specialist artists to deliver a master class. There are many other opportunities to be involved more in Art such as mural painting, Rock Challenge set design and Saatchi Online (