A Level London Visit

The 1st and 2nd December saw 14 of our A Level Business, Law and Criminology students embark on a visit to London. The trip had plenty of sightseeing, court visits and Christmas shopping experiences. Our students had the opportunity to visit the Old Bailey on the first day: here we were fortunate enough to witness a real life Murder Trial in Court Room 7; next we headed to the Court of Appeal, and students once again got the see the court in operation. The grandeur of the building certainly impressed and inspired a few of our potential future lawyers.

From here we headed towards Covent Garden taking in the hustle and bustle of the city, dodging the Christmas shoppers. Once we had a look round we made our way through China Town to Oxford Street to pick up a few last minute Christmas gifts. Once our students’ purses and wallets were emptied we were all grateful of a sit down at our evening meal together as a group.

On our second day we packed even more into our itinerary. Firstly we headed out towards Whitechapel via Tower Hill, to the scene of the infamous Jack the Ripper story. Here, we visited the museum which displayed artefacts and photographs of the gruesome tales of the Ripper’s Murder victims: this wasn’t for the faint hearted! This didn’t deter us from heading to Camden for lunch and a quick browse around the famous market. With an afternoon in London to fill we ventured to Knightsbridge, where we spent an hour getting lost in the shopping halls of Harrods.

Our final stop saw us visit Westminster: our first port of call was the Supreme Court. We entered the main court that was hearing the Brexit Appeal the following week; although not allowed to touch, we viewed the documents that the Supreme Court Justices were set to use in the hearing - Miss Smith was a little excited to say the least! Feeling weary but undeterred we ventured across to Parliament, where we were given an excellent tour of the Palace of Westminster, entering into both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Our Law and Criminology students commented on how much smaller the chambers were in comparison to what they saw on the news, and that it was excellent to see the houses in real life. 

Phew, we certainly all felt tired on our train home…. All in all a successful visit for our A Level students to the capital. We look forward to next year’s visit!

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