College Closure (Wednesday 28th)

Dear Parents / Carers

Firstly may I thank all of you who brought your children into school this morning as many school buses were not operating, and also the fact you were prepared to collect them early due to our enforced closure this afternoon.

The reason we had to make this decision to close the school at 1.30pm was not connected directly to the weather but due to a power cut. At this time we had no way of knowing how long this would last and due to the extreme temperatures we are experiencing currently, we could not keep children in school without heating and lighting. We also lost our telephone system for a period of time and if anyone was unable to contact us during this power outage, please accept my apologies.

We have had well over 50% of our students in school even with the limited bus service. I apologise that Radio Humberside did not broadcast this information. We did ring them on numerous occasions unfortunately with no appropriate response or returned calls.

Moving forward, whilst some forecasts are predicting more snow, the MET office at the BBC is suggesting the worst may well be over. Please go to the college website as the first place to seek information. We will ensure that the buses in operation will also be flagged on the front page of the website under News information. We will endeavour to keep the school open in order that your child's education is not disrupted.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Kind Regards

Mrs Croft



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