Dr Kirsty Clode Visit

Dr Clode very kindly visited the college to talk to our top scientist about career routes involving Science. 

First she met with the Y10 s who found her really interesting and were quite stimulated by the career paths available to them and the money that could be earned.

The Y11 students interacted well with our guest and the questions she posed and also the discussions that ensued.

Dr Clode has had a very varied career having graduated in Chemistry to PHD level. She attained employment at Saltend where she lead a team who earned the company in excess of £10 million with pioneering catalyst development. From here Kirsty went on to keep climbing the ladder in BP, working in various countries including Korea and Houston with her ambitious approach and obvious talent for science and leadership.

The advice given was to visit various companies in the area and to ask questions about employment opportunities. She raised awareness of the careers advice given in Hull library and if Green Port which looks at manufacturing and engineering opportunities. Whether achieving careers via apprenticeship or university routes a strong message to find out more came across in a stimulating natural way.

Thanks to Dr Kirsty Clode for a truly enlightening talk.

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