Lee Radford visits SHTC

Lee Radford, Hull FC's Head Coach, kindly visited SHTC on Wednesday 15th March to talk to some of our Y11 students about having a 'sense of purpose'.

His inspirational talk regarding his own drive and ambition touched a chord with the Y11 students in the group. Lee spoke of his desire to prove himself in his chosen field and how he was driven to work at his rugby skills so rigorously that he gained a professional contract within a year of setting his goals to succeed. He also spoke of his other personal driving force, which was his knowledge that he wanted to be able to provide for himself in life but also for the family he now has.

He also talked about the other two strands of 'sense of purpose' which are desire to achieve and avoiding failure which he uses as motivation for the players he coaches.

SHTC would like to thank Lee for giving his time to interact with our students and to answer their eager questions.

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