Newsletter - March 2018

March 2018

Dear Parents / Carers

Firstly I would like to thank you for your support over the last few months. It has been a very busy time in school as we have been preparing our Year 11 students and Sixth Form students for their examinations in May and June this year. Your support at Parents’ Evenings, getting involved in our charity cake sales and generally getting your sons and daughters into school during some of the worst weather we have experienced in February and March for a number of years has been much appreciated.

I would also like to update you before the end of term on our progress towards academisation. For those of you who attended our Post-Ofsted meeting back in October 2017, I explained that we had been placed under an Academy Order by the DFE following our Ofsted Report. This is not an overnight process and it takes months of preparation going through the process of ‘Due Diligence’ with our new sponsor, The Consortium Academy Trust (TCAT) before we legally become a new academy within the Multi-Academy Trust. Many of you will wonder how this will affect your child’s education and their educational experience.

The main purpose of becoming part of a new Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is to benefit from school to school support and utilise the expertise of highly successful schools, in order to improve the quality of educational outcomes for our students at South Holderness Technology College.

However, one of the outward changes that will need to be made is the changing of the school’s name, which has been part of the community for such a long time. Therefore, as we no longer hold the status of a Technology College, this element will be dropped from the name. I would like however, to propose that we keep the name Holderness in the title of the new school, but also clearly bring in the fact that we have a very successful affiliated Sixth Form which is an integral element of the current college. As a school we not only educate students from the South Holderness area but draw students from all over the Holderness region. Therefore I would like to propose to you that the new academy will be called the Holderness Academy and Sixth Form College.

In order to make the changes we will need to design a new logo for the school uniform and signage for the school. As we have some very talented and artistic students, I will be launching a competition to design our new Academy logo. The competition winner will then work with a professional design company to convert their inspiration into reality. As we will probably not convert until October 2018 at the earliest, I have stopped the production of the current logo with our uniform supplier Price and Buckland. Once the uniform logo is ready, we will then offer the new blazer for sale with the logo stitched into the pocket, and we will provide the new badge free of cost for those students who wish to use their existing blazer. It is only two years since we launched our new smart uniform and I want the change of school name to have as little cost impact on you as parents as possible. Therefore the uniform including the tie will remain unchanged and whilst we will be launching new PE kit, this can be gradually integrated into your child’s uniform.

I would also like to hold a further Open Parents’ Evening in the summer term to discuss the changes we will be making as we get closer to the Academy conversion. I am also looking for your support in setting up our first Parents and Teacher Association in many years. I know that many of you are very interested in helping to improve the educational provision of young people in our community and we would look forward to starting a closer collaboration in order to achieve this goal.

As a school we are always looking to raise funds as educational funding has been squeezed by successive governments, whilst the cost of maintaining schools and the cost of equipment and resources is constantly rising. I will also be looking for corporate sponsorship in order to help us improve our facilities which will hopefully be reinvested back into the community by educating the workforce and innovators of the future. I would very much appreciate your support as would all the teachers and staff as we prepare for a very exciting stage in the career of the school.

I will ensure that further updates will be made available next term. Please look out for our twitter feeds and information on the website for all of the activities and news events.

Yours sincerely



Mrs Croft

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