SHTC Academy Sponsor

October 2017

Dear parents and carers,

Following the Ofsted judgment we received confirmation that we would be required to be sponsored by a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). I can now confirm that the sponsor will be The Consortium Academy Trust. This is a newly formed MAT of East Riding schools which include Wolfreton, Hessle Academy and Cottingham High School. The headteachers of these ‘Good’ schools decided to create their own MAT in order to develop school-to-school support, and therefore represent a local solution for schools in need of improvement.

I believe this to be a positive step for South Holderness Technology College, in that we now have a very experienced team of headteachers to work with the school and provide strategic support to help the college on its journey. This will take at least 6 months for all the legal processes to take place before this is finalised.

This will have very little change on the day-to-day operation of the school. A change to an academy may require a new school name in the future, but I don’t intend this to mean a new school uniform, as we have only recently launched our very smart shirt, blazer and tie. Any change to the logo will be gradually phased in to incur the least possible cost.

Thank you for your overwhelming support in this very busy first term, along with the Ofsted report being delayed, this has meant it has been difficult to plan for the year ahead. However, we now have the mandate for change and rapid improvement, and look forward to becoming part of the new Consortium Academy Trust, whilst maintaining our own unique SHTC identity.

Yours sincerely



Mrs E Croft

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