SHTC Host Primary Competitions

Since April SHTC has hosted 12 sporting events for the primary schools to attend and compete in. All 10 feeder primary schools have been involved in most of these events.

It has been great to see so many pupils enjoying a sporting environment, there has been a range of sport competitions; tag rugby,swimming, orienteering, kwik cricket, football, rounders, boccia and athletics. These events create a pathway for the winners to ER finals and Humber School Games events.

Alongside this there have been a number of participation events where whole year groups attend; multi skills for Y2, Cricket skills for Y1 & 3 and athletics for Y5. These events allow primary pupils to mix and compete with other primary schools and begin a 6 year transition programme offered by SHTC. Students at SHTC develop their leadership skills by assisting with events and do an amazing job.

These events are organised by the School Sports Co-Ordinator Mrs J Henderson in conjunction with the School Sport Partnership.

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